Psychological Counselling

Psychological Counselling is aimed at people who live a moment of mental distress, be it affective, emotional, behavioral, social and relational etc. The counselor offers his/her expertise and professionalism in order to analyze the patterns of thought and behavior and dysfunction and understand the issues explained by the patients, in order to offer the right support with the aim to reduce, modify or terminate the symptoms or non-functional conditions they complain of.

Sometimes the sense of discomfort can be insidious and continuous, so much to have a profound effect on one or more key areas of life such as the relationship with your body, family and social relationships, study and / or work, a couple's life and sexuality. The counseling is a useful tool to enable a process of problem definition and detection of a more appropriate psychological intervention.

The counselling is addressed to individuals, families and couples. It provides for an initial phase dedicated to the history of the person's life, the history of the disorder or problem presented, in order to allow for a classification of the discomfort.

Through this service, we try to develop intervention strategies which are most appropriate in facilitating change, growth and the personal fulfillment of the individual. The psychological counselling service is oriented to understanding and definition of the problem and to looking for appropriate treatment strategies. The consultancy focuses on solving the problems of the individual making the request, and therefore motivated towards change. Together they build and share concrete and explicit targets, as much as possible achieve them together, within certain time limits.

The advice is useful for personality disorders, anxiety disorders and depression, psychotic disorders, substance addiction or abuse, psychosomatic, sex, food, sleep disorders and many others.

"Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to things that happen."

John Maxwell

Through all stages of development (eg. childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age), the psychologist focuses on:

  • Healthy aspects and strengths of patients (be they individuals, couples, families, groups or organizations);
  • Situational and environmental influences (cultural aspects and lifestyle that determine the experiences and concerns of the people);
  • The issues of diversity and social justice that can hinder the development of the person;
  • The role of career and work in people's lives.

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