O.T.C. e S.O.P. Medicines

Farmaci OTC e SOP


The counter medicines, also called O.T.C. (Over The Counter) medicines are prepackaged as "self-medication", that means they do not need a prescription to be purchased. The O.T.C. medicines are a subset of the larger family of medicines S.O.P. (without prescription), as they can be advertised, which it is forbidden for the simple S.O.P. For the same reason, these O.T.C. medicines can be exposed with a view on the counter of the pharmacy, while S.o.p. are payed by the citizen. Both O.T.C. that S.O.P. are drugs that belong, with few exceptions, to the C band, which are entirely dependent on the citizen. Generally, over the counter medicines are simple medicines that shall address minor ailments: tonics, laxatives, vitamins, antacids, antihaemorrhoidals, anti-inflammatories, eye drops, etc.

All over the counter medicines and those without prescription must be marked with a mark (see image at right) printed or pasted on all packaging.

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