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L'Officina della Salute has a wide range of medical health articles: from corrective supports/corsets and braces, to the rental and sale of wheelchairs. It also has a wide range of medical and orthopedic articles for incontinence, shoes with orthotics, stockings for venous disorders and footwear for diabetic ulcers and foot surgery.

Orthopedic articles are of great importance for those suffering from diseases or problems of any kind, not only articular. From the orthopedic shoe to the orthopedic brace to the collar. Orthopedic aids can correct or at least to compensate for defects in posture, as well as facilitate proper healing of micro fractures or traumas. The important thing is to take advice from your specialist on the most suitable product.

Choosing the rental of orthopedic aids can be the best choice for those who need them for a limited amount of time for care or rehabilitation, without having to embark on such expensive purchases. L'Officina della Salute offers professional products for sale or hire, to ensure maximum satisfaction of each customer based on their specific needs.

On payment of a periodic fee, you can hire the equipment which is needed for the appropriate period, returning it when you no longer need it . Always attentive to developments in the field of orthopedics, Our Parafarmacia always follows the new evolution in orthopedics and deals with corsets, braces, supports, prosthetics, orthotics, wheelchairs, walking aids and orthopedic shoes.

To know more details of the product catalog or to ask for the realization of a particular size of orthopedic aid please call 070 3110122 or visit us at the time.

We treat only products certified and guaranteed, all selected from the important national and international names in the paramedic industry, such as Gibaud, Scholl, Scudotex. .

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The Officina della Salute is a place where you can find all that you need to look after your body and health. Our staff follow clients carefully and with dedication and maintain that giving advice to clients is of the utmost importance and they explain the characteristics of the various products and services.


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