Homeophatic consultation

Homeopathic Medicine bases its diagnostic methodology on a holistic vision of the human being defined (from the greek olos = all), whereby each disease, even the most localized, is always to be considered the most obvious expression of the altered function of the whole organism under the action of stress, bad habits, poor diet, physical and emotional trauma, environmental poisoning. Such functional alteration, which always involves the whole body, is thus at the origin of its disorders, including those which are more localized, and must be detected and treated appropriately, so that the homeopathic treatment is correct and effective over time.

A similar diagnostic address, therefore, tending to move the aim of the treatment, symptom or disease from the moment the whole person understood as sick, clearly a need for protracted and detailed interview that, for obvious reasons, in many pathological situations complex, and dated over time, makes it impossible to provide precise therapeutic indication, based simply on a few and surface data.

Except for episodic ailments such as colds, flu syndrome, abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc., which in any case tend to last a limited time, for all those disorders, however, which have a tendency to persist, or return with frequency, it is always necessary to have a preliminary homeopathic examination.

The health assessment consists of a homeopathic consultation that evaluates the deficiency of vitamins and minerals, toxicity and organ function, hormonal balance, the load of virus bacteria and parasites, any digestive disorders and stress. Eventually the homeopath prepares a program for individual needs in order to improve the overall health and make it last as long as possible. The homeopath, in doing so, guides the patient to take charge of his/her health by becoming a conscious actor.

In an age when people delegate advertising, but also the official medicine to take care of their needs and tastes, the role of the homeopath is essential to regain consciousness of their needs.

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