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Booking: you can book at Our Parapharmacy for health benefits at home. The purpose of this service is to ensure that all citizens have easy access to the best medical services provided by our team of qualified experts, at subsidized prices.

Home care is a set of interventions of a medical, nursing and rehabilitation nature offered at home to elderly and disabled people at risk of not being self-sufficient, not self-sufficient partially or totally dependent temporarily or permanently, for stabilized chronic conditions that do not require hospitalization. The health benefits include interventions in general medicine and specialist areas depending on the specific needs of the client.

The nursing care includes administration or control of the correct intake of medicines, taking and delivery of samples for laboratory analysis, assistance for tests using equipment, assisting catheterized patients, the control of drips and the various related equipment, recording temperature, pressure measurement and body weight, control of diet, giving injections and dressings in general.

The performance of rehabilitation and physical and mental recovery include a range of services designed to assist the recovery of the deficit physical, psychomotor, language, maintenance, and so on.

The home services

    Postural re-education
    Manual therapy
    Massage therapy
    Manual lymphatic drainage
    Connective tissue massage
    Functional bandage
    Speech therapy
    Laser therapy
    Measurement of parameters of vital values
    Medicines for parenteral administration
    Giving medicines by mouth
    Perfusion/vein cannulation
    Urinary ostomy care
    Intestinal Ostomies assistance
    Positioning catheter
    Simple dressing
    Prevention/care of tissue lesions
    Skin ulcers assistance
    ECG recording
    Handling/checking drainages
    Complex dressing
    Giving prescribed vaccinations
    Tracheotomy cannula maintenance
    Personal hygiene
    Small dressings
    Insulin and antithrombotic
    Accompaniment for disabled by car + platform

Our home care services are aimed at people in fragile situations, regardless of age or income, characterized by the presence of a situation of dependency or part of a temporary or permanent disability, or of a condition of non- mobility and who cannot be transported to heath structures.

Not only for the elderly and people with reduced self-sufficiency but also for their families, who often feel overwhelmed by the commitment of providing continuous care to loved ones. Helping you feel closer, to understand the situation of the sick or those who lovingly assist them, can only make the difficulties of life less hard to deal with.

In Italy the average life continues to increase, for men has reached the age of 80 and for women 85. It is said that our country is "old" but it is also true that if we live that long to say that we live is okay. It would be nice to grow old in the prime of our physical and mental faculties, but often we get to that age with some disability. This makes it necessary for new professionals to able to provide major support for the elderly, and be available on the labour market. The registered nurse with /her his experience and ability accomplishes this delicate and sometimes essential task, such as helping an elderly person who is bedridden with skill and who is not self-sufficient to move and carry out some indispensable physiological functions.

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The Officina della Salute is a place where you can find all that you need to look after your body and health. Our staff follow clients carefully and with dedication and maintain that giving advice to clients is of the utmost importance and they explain the characteristics of the various products and services.


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